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Anonymous sent: You don't post for 6 months and then when you do, it's just a giveaway. T.T

Sorry! I was trying to get the news out there for a friend. I guess I should have made an announcement.

I stopped posting fails because let’s be real now, AFF as a whole is a fail. It’s harsh and might offend some, but that’s just my honest aspect. 

I’m leaving this blog up because there are still people who haven’t seen it yet and it’s good for a laugh once in awhile. Again, I’m sorry!

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Anonymous sent: regarding to th YOU'RE BACK?!....HOW?! it was just a random featured story. there are only 9 subbies so yeah. maybe AFF still has that lttle tiny bit small hope...or not

I have no hope for AFF.

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Anonymous sent: Did you create this blog because you are disappointed that your story didn't get featured? -double578-

No. I created this blog because most of the fanfics on AFF are laugh-worthy. 

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Anonymous sent: YOU. I have to say that I do enjoy this blog occasionally. There are things that I agree with, and some that I don't. However, you are seeing all the bad things of this site, and never the good things. You are a very unlucky person, crossing paths with these horrible stories. But, also it's an amateur site, don't expect much of it. Give writers a chance to improve, whoever you're giving your advice to, is not someone worth wasting your time on. Don't be so short-tempered either, good luck.

However, you are seeing all the bad things of this site, and never the good things.”

This IS asianfanficsFAIL, no? 

You're Back?!......HOW?! ( sequel to "Love Can Kill ( Epic Oppa and Fan Moment)") ONE-SHOT

This ridiculous fan fic got featured this week. It’s discouraged me from writing on this site. It made me realize that my stories will never be noticed.

Submitted By: D_R_Mattice

THAT was featured? 

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Anonymous sent: Yo! Don't you think highlighting in aff irritate you? I mean like it make the story looked worse especially if the author really has a bad writing style....

I don’t see the point in highlighting on the computer. I really don’t get it.

Submitted By: chanyeong

AFF is just for KPOP?

So, I know that KPop has been all the rage right now, and I cannot deny the fact that I also got sucked into KPop. Nonetheless, my first and foremost priority is CPop. It’s kinda sickening for me to see CPop authors have AMAZING stories but only a handful of people read it and sometimes none commented. And it is even more heart breaking to see them discontinue their stories because lack of readers (yes readers, not comments or subscribers. This mean the view count is already low).

The site is called ASIAN Fanfics. Asian is not only Korean, you know. We have people that love Jpop and Cpop and other Asian pop too, you know.

You know what I hate more? The featured stories. I have seen a lot of crappy stories up there and I’m truly disappointed sometimes. If you want to get your story featured there is only one thing you can do, which is to make a story with Kpop idols + OCs in it, period.

Submitted By: Xiao Zhen

regarding the crack posters and stuff, I thought of giving the names of some of the shops that I like:

- by angela_ (it’s closed because she’s opening her shop by batches, so you might need to wait)

- DaraGon heaven poster shop by gelai8134

- user: bluembraces (but she seems busy, idk, i haven’t check on her for a long time)

my tips on hiring any shops, check out on their work first. usually poster shops would have examples of their works or posters for past requests. don’t be lazy and go through all of that. you don’t want to regret later cause certain shops would ask you to put up their poster for a period of time. and you dont want to get humiliated and lose readers just because of a horrible poster

Submitted by: graylemon